Seattle, WA

About Us

Welcome to PiRhoSoft! We are an independent development studio started by two brothers in Seattle, Washington.

We have two commercially released games (The Art of War and Photon Phanatics), but we specialize in creating tools to empower other amateur and professional developers.

Check out our open source Unity tools including the Composition Framework and Unity Utilities Suite or visit our GitHub for other various projects we have worked on.

Some of our favorite games include Ocarina of Time, Beyond Good and Evil, Eternal Darkness, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Outer Wilds (not Worlds!) and Advent Rising (where is our sequel Mustard Brothers?!).


Equip your character with collectable parts to battle with friends or against bots in this 2D, twin stick, platformer shooting game

  • Features
    Collect a variety of equippable parts and weapons.
    Outfit your character with parts from your collection.
    Tight twin stick, platforming controls.
    Wide selection of maps and game types
    Fully customizable matches and attributes

Guide a laser beam through hundreds of custom designed puzzles using mirrors, prisms, refractors, and more

  • Features

    Photon Phanatics is a clever and difficult puzzle game for iOS requiring you to direct light to solar panels using a variety of different fixtures such as mirrors, capacitors, and prisms. The base game is free and contains 40 levels of varying difficulties to let you try it out. Once you complete them all, you can make a one time purchase of $1.99 to unlock the rest of the levels.

    An easy to use level editor is included with the free game allowing you to create your own puzzles and share them with friends.

    Having trouble? Get tips and solutions

  • Named a hidden gem by GamesKeys!

PiRho Composition Framework

Open source package for composing game logic, events, cinema scenes, and user interfaces in Unity with powerful, simple to use, graph based editing, dynamic variables, and data bindings.

  • Graphs

    A node based, dynamic event system to drive cinema scenes and other gameplay sequences

  • Editor UI Suite

    Various UI controls to increase designer productivity

  • Expressions and Variables

    A runtime variable and expression system that minimizes allocations by avoiding boxing

  • Data Bindings

    General purpose data binding system with modular formatting and animation to expedite creating UIs


A cross platform game and application framework written in C++

  • Graphics

    Cross plotform graphics abstraction layers: DirectX11, DirectX12, OpenGL, and Metal

  • Crossplatform

    Application layers for input, audio, file IO, and application including OpenAL, XAudio, XInput to support builds on Win32, UWP, OSX, iOS

  • UI

    UI layout and styling system

  • Serialization

    Object, text, and binary serialization system